About Us

coryprofilepicCory Luoma, Partner

Before starting Fly Out Media, Cory worked as a mechanical engineer, college professor, and fly fishing guide. He is an avid angler, skier, and world traveler. Having grown up in rural Montana, Cory lives for adventure in the outdoors. His passion for wild places and sense of responsibility to the environment shines through his work in filmmaking and media. His natural nerd instincts make him very savvy with computers, software, and post-production work.



Edmiston_PortraitKatie Edmiston, Partner

In addition to being the brains, the brawn, and the creative genius behind much of what happens at Fly Out Media, Katie is the proverbial glue that holds everything together. Also a born and raised Montanan, Katie shares the same passion for the outdoors and adventure. Her artistic eye and knowledge behind the camera is invaluable to our productions and media products. Katie also happens to be the social personality at Fly Out Media.